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Brooke Burke Hoped to Have Affair With DWTS Partner Derek Hough

Television personality Brooke Burke reveals she was tempted to have an affair with Dancing With the Stars partner Derek Hough.

In a recent episode of the "Sex, Lies and Spray Tans" podcast, television personality and Mirrorball champ Brooke Burke opened up about her experience on Dancing With the Stars in 2008. She confessed that she was "tempted" to have an affair with her dance partner, Derek Hough, after developing strong feelings for him.

Burke revealed that if she hadn't been married at the time, she would have hoped for a love affair with Hough. She explained that the intense physical connection formed during their dances made her feel more connected to him than she had ever felt with anyone besides a lover or husband. The daily rehearsals and performances brought them close together, with Burke stating, "You smell them, you feel them, you're breathing with them."

Surprisingly, Burke even went as far as to say that dancing could be more intimate than making love in a bedroom. She attributed this to the combination of energy, trust, and shared experiences that come with dancing. The vulnerability and reliance on each other during their performances created a unique bond that she had never experienced before.

After dropping this bombshell during the podcast interview, Burke's friend and fellow dancer Cheryl Burke expressed her shock and admitted that Derek Hough would be thrilled to hear about Brooke's past feelings. She revealed that Hough had always spoken highly of Burke's season on the show, emphasizing how attractive she was.

Despite the affair temptation, Burke and Hough managed to win the Mirrorball Trophy that season, showcasing their undeniable chemistry on the dance floor. Burke concluded the interview by confessing that she will always have a crush on Derek, describing her time on the show as "life changing."

Overall, Brooke Burke's revelations shed light on the intense emotional connections that can form between dance partners on shows like Dancing With the Stars. The combination of physical proximity, trust, and shared experiences can lead to strong feelings, even in the context of a professional dance partnership.

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