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Police program Dallas, expand, report shows decline, violent crimes

Residents in a troubled South Dallas apartment complex welcome the expansion of a police program aimed at reducing crime.

Residents of a South Dallas apartment complex are expressing their gratitude for the extra attention being given to their community. A new report, set to be presented to the Dallas City Council, highlights a continued reduction in overall violent crime in the area. This achievement can be attributed, in part, to the expansion of a police program to the troubled apartment complex.

The residents of the Rosemont at Meadow Lane apartments have long been dealing with various issues, and they believe that the increased police presence will help address these problems. Dana Branch, one of the tenants, suggested that a police station should be built within the complex itself. This sentiment is echoed by others who have witnessed young people causing disturbances and damaging property within the complex.

The problems at the apartment complex extend beyond unruly behavior. One tenant, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared the story of a neighbor who was murdered on the premises two years ago. She believes that the situation has only worsened since then, with issues such as mice, roaches, stray dogs, and frequent instances of crime, including break-ins and car thefts.

To combat these issues, the police program expanding to the complex, known as Place Network Investigations (PNI), will not only focus on addressing crime but also on improving the overall conditions of the area. This includes measures such as enhanced code enforcement, better lighting, and improved trash management. By addressing these factors, the aim is to create an environment that is less conducive to violence.

However, the residents are eagerly awaiting tangible results in terms of crime reduction. They are concerned about the negative influences that their children are exposed to and are actively seeking alternative living arrangements. While some tenants chose not to speak on the record, they support the decision to expand the PNI program at the complex.

It is important to note that the management of the Rosemont at Meadow Lane apartments declined to comment on the matter. NBC 5 was directed to contact the national ownership for further information, but attempts to reach them were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

Overall, the expansion of the police program to the troubled South Dallas apartment complex is seen as a positive step by the residents. They hope that the increased attention and efforts to address both crime and the underlying issues will lead to a safer and more pleasant living environment.

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