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N.Y.C. Protests Against Migrants Escalate - American Renaissance

Anti-migrant protests in Staten Island, New York, have intensified as the city struggles with the influx of migrants. Mayor Eric Adams warns that the issue could "destroy" the city. The protests have spread to other areas, highlighting the political divisions within New York.

In the midst of a quiet Staten Island street, a deafening loudspeaker blares out demands at a staggering 117 decibels, surpassing the volume of a dog barking directly into your ear. The target of this unwelcoming message is a school that has become a refuge for some of the 110,000 migrants who have arrived in New York City over the past year and a half. The message couldn't be clearer: "Immigrants are not safe here."

The influx of migrants from the southern border has placed immense strain on city resources, creating pressure for local leaders and causing a seismic shift in the political landscape. As the crisis deepens and the city's response comes under scrutiny, angry protests have escalated to a fever pitch.

Mayor Eric Adams has added fuel to the fire with his sharpened rhetoric, warning New Yorkers that this issue has the potential to destroy the very fabric of New York City. These words have resonated with protesters, as signs bearing similar sentiments have made their appearance at demonstrations.

The battleground for this contentious issue lies in Staten Island, the city's most conservative borough. Approximately 2 percent of the 59,000 migrants residing in homeless shelters are housed in a former school called St. John Villa Academy. At an anti-migrant rally on Staten Island, signs declaring "Protect our Children" were affixed to utility poles, while protesters proudly wore shirts adorned with American flags and images of former President Donald J. Trump.

Leading the charge from a black pickup truck, John Tabacco, a host from Newsmax, rallied the crowd and declared, "This is the first place where they're trying to infringe on our liberties and freedoms."

Meanwhile, at a rally in Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field, Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels, energized the enthusiastic crowd, proclaiming, "This is our battle for our neighborhoods, for our children, for our grandparents. For your equity."

The former Staten Island school's location in a residential neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Verrazano Bridge, and its proximity to active schools have made it a lightning rod for anti-migrant protests. Homeowner Scott Herkert displayed a profanity-laced sign on his property, constructed from a blue tarp and two wooden posts, with the message "No Way," obscuring the profanity.

Mr. Herkert's protest was prompted by the installation of temporary showers and bathrooms near his backyard, which overlooks the school grounds.

Lifelong Staten Island resident Mike Holder, 46, expressed concern for his niece, who attends the school across the street from the shelter. "She's worried," he said of his sister. "I think people should stand up, get in the streets. I don't think there are enough people here."

In August, after weeks of protests against the use of the school as a shelter, Staten Island officials sought legal intervention to block the city's plans. They achieved a temporary victory when a judge issued a restraining order preventing the placement of migrants at the St. John Villa Academy shelter.

The migrants within the New York City shelter system are dispersed throughout the city, hailing from various corners of the globe, including Venezuela, Colombia, Senegal, Mauritania, and even Madagascar.

While New York City is predominantly Democratic, these protests in conservative areas like Staten Island and Southern Queens serve as a stark reminder of the political divisions within the city. However, demonstrations have also sprung up in unexpected places, such as Sunset Park, a neighborhood heavily populated by immigrants.

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