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"Trump Organization celebrates Eric Trump on National Boss Day - Is he truly deserving?"

Trump Organization employee testifies that Allen Weisselberg, the company's top financial officer, said Trump wanted his net worth inflated.

In the perplexing saga of the Trump Organization, it is quite baffling how son number 2, Eric Trump, has taken on the role of the designated figurehead. One can't help but wonder how this came to be, unless some secretive meeting took place between the enigmatic Orangeutan himself, Donald Trump, and Allen Weisselberg. Perhaps they bonded over burnt steaks and decided that son number 1, despite his attempts to portray himself as a businessman, is nothing more than a coke addict in a suit.

However, recent testimony in Trump's New York civil fraud trial has shed some light on the true power dynamics within the organization. Former Trump Org. executive Patrick Birney revealed that Weisselberg informed him that "da boss" insisted on inflating his net worth to enhance his image. This revelation leaves little doubt as to who is truly in charge.

In the courtroom drama, Patrick Birney, a financial operations executive, disclosed that Allen Weisselberg, the company's top financial officer, conveyed Trump's desire to boost his wealth in the financial statements. These statements, which were compiled annually and shared with lenders and insurance companies, served various business purposes.

The attorney general's $250 million civil fraud case against Donald Trump could greatly benefit from this testimony. It seems that Trump's obsession with his net worth has led to questionable practices within the Trump Organization.

While some may argue that the Trump Organization was being run by Trump's sons during his presidency, it is evident that this was not entirely the case. The employees at Trump Org. may have attempted to pay homage to Eric Trump, but their efforts were met with skepticism from Twitter guru Ron Filipowski and his followers. It appears that their excessive praise of Eric Trump was seen as insincere and over-the-top.

It is worth noting that Donald Trump likely had a hand in orchestrating this display of support for his son. His influence is far-reaching, even in matters such as employee endorsements.

However, instead of wasting their time on such displays, the employees at Trump Org. would be wise to focus on polishing their resumes and highlighting their own accomplishments. Letitia James, the New York attorney general, shows no signs of relenting in her pursuit of justice. It is only a matter of time before the Trump Organization faces serious consequences, and its employees may find themselves in the unemployment line.

In conclusion, the tangled web of the Trump Organization continues to unravel. The power dynamics, inflated net worths, and questionable practices are coming to light through testimonies and investigations. It is a tale of intrigue, deception, and impending downfall. The future remains uncertain for all those involved, but one thing is clear: the truth will prevail.

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