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Disturbing Dirty Hit: MSU Football Player Warrants Punishment

Michigan State offensive lineman Spencer Brown deserves a severe punishment for intentionally delivering a dirty hit during a college football game. His helmet-first blow to the back of an opponent's head was inexcusable and could have caused irreversible brain damage.

In the recent college football game between Michigan State and Michigan, offensive lineman Spencer Brown displayed a level of misconduct that warrants a severe punishment. While it is true that not every infraction on the field requires a lengthy suspension, Brown's actions were beyond the pale and demand a more significant consequence.

It is important to acknowledge that emotions can run high during intense rivalry games, and not every dirty play is intentional. In most cases, an ejection and a first-half suspension suffice. However, Brown's late hit was undeniably intentional, deliberate, and downright disgusting.

What exacerbates the situation is the fact that Brown is a fifth-year senior who should know better. His experience and maturity should have guided him to make better choices on the field.

The incident occurred when Spartans quarterback Katin Houser threw an interception. Brown became entangled with Wolverines defensive end Braiden McGregor, who attempted to block him but ultimately failed and fell to the ground.

While McGregor lay defenseless on the field, Brown made the conscious decision to circle back and dive helmet-first directly into the back of McGregor's head. This action was not only dangerous but also targeted.

Even with helmets on, a forceful blow to the back of the head can result in significant and irreversible brain damage. McGregor was fortunate to be able to walk away from the incident under his own power.

As a consequence of his ejection, Brown will miss the first half of the next game according to the rules. However, it is imperative for Michigan State to take further action and impose a more substantial suspension or implement measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

There is absolutely no justification for allowing Brown to step foot on the field in any capacity next week. Such a dangerous and frightening play has no place in the sport of football. It is crucial for the authorities to address this issue seriously and ensure that appropriate consequences are handed down.

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