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158 Cars Involved in Louisiana Pile-Ups Caused by Superfog

"Superfog" and dense fog caused multiple massive car crashes in Louisiana, killing at least seven people and injuring 25.

Tragedy struck in south Louisiana as a deadly combination of "superfog" and dense smoke from marsh fires led to a series of catastrophic car crashes. The devastating incident involved a staggering total of 158 vehicles, resulting in at least seven fatalities and 25 injuries. The death toll may rise as first responders continue their efforts to clear the crash scenes and search for victims.

The scenes of the wreckage were nothing short of horrifying. The smoke-filled air and thick fog created a surreal atmosphere, as if a junkyard had taken over the busy interstate near the community of Manchac. Crushed and rammed vehicles were scattered everywhere, some even consumed by flames. Onlookers stood on the side of the road in disbelief, while others trapped in their cars waited desperately for help.

Christopher Coll, a driver caught in one of the pileups, vividly described the chaos and terror. He recounted the smell of smoke, the cries for help from fellow drivers, and the deafening sounds of crashing cars and popping tires. Coll managed to escape through his passenger door and bravely assisted others, pulling one person out through a car window. Another survivor recalled the relentless crashes that seemed to echo for at least half an hour.

Louisiana State Police shared aerial photographs on their Facebook page, revealing the extent of the devastation. The images showcased dozens of wrecked cars and scattered debris on both northbound and southbound lanes of the elevated interstate. This particular stretch of road passes over swampy terrain and open waters between lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas.

As investigations continue, state troopers are working diligently to notify families, determine the exact causes of the crashes, and collaborate with the transportation department to inspect the bridge. The National Weather Service, addressing the situation on social media, mentioned the presence of multiple wetland fires in the region. The combination of smoke from these fires and the dense fog created what they referred to as a "superfog." Thankfully, visibility improved as the fog lifted, but the duration of the marsh fires' impact remains uncertain. The smoke had been visible and detectable by its distinct smell in the New Orleans area over the weekend.

In the wake of this tragedy, Governor John Bel Edwards appealed for blood donors and asked for prayers for the injured and deceased. The community is left grappling with the immense loss and devastation caused by this horrific event. The road to recovery will undoubtedly be long and arduous, but it is through unity and support that the people of Louisiana can find solace and strength in the face of such adversity.

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