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Michael Owen says one Spurs star is brilliant to watch but gives the ball away a lot

James Maddison receives praise from Michael Owen for his brave and exciting style of play, despite needing to work on minimizing turnovers.

In the aftermath of Tottenham's victory over Fulham on Monday night, former footballer Michael Owen expressed his admiration for James Maddison's performance, while also offering a suggestion for improvement.

Since joining Tottenham in the summer, Maddison has made a significant impact on the Premier League. The £40m paid to Leicester City for his services now appears to be a bargain, as the playmaker has thrived under the guidance of manager Ange Postecoglou.

With three goals and five assists this season, Maddison has played a crucial role in helping Tottenham maintain an unbeaten start to their Premier League campaign.

One of the standout aspects of Maddison's game is his exceptional partnership with Spurs captain Heung-min Son. Their combined efforts on Monday night secured another three points for the team and propelled them to the top of the Premier League table.

Unsurprisingly, Maddison's performances have garnered significant positive attention, and rightly so.

Michael Owen, in an interview with Premier League Productions, praised Maddison's bravery on the ball. Owen expressed his admiration for Maddison's ability to whip accurate passes to his teammates, even if it means taking risks and occasionally losing possession.

While acknowledging that Maddison may give the ball away at times, Owen emphasized that this is a necessary part of his style of play, as it enables him to provide assists and score goals.

Owen contrasted Maddison's approach with that of other players who prioritize maintaining possession and playing it safe. He commended Maddison for his fearlessness and willingness to take risks, as it often leads to moments of magic and game-changing contributions.

In the eyes of Spurs Web, Maddison has become the team's new talisman. His presence on the pitch is electrifying, as he constantly seeks to receive the ball, drops deep to create opportunities, and drives forward to provide goals and assists. His unique qualities make him a special player, and Tottenham is fortunate to have him in their ranks.

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