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Poke Georgia football and see what happens: Florida Gators found out

Georgia dominates Florida in a 43-20 victory, solidifying their position as a top team in the SEC and potentially the nation.

The Florida Gators started the game strong, scoring a touchdown on their opening drive against Georgia. However, that would be their only moment of success as Georgia went on to dominate the rest of the game, ultimately winning 43-20.

Many people may question whether Georgia is not only the best team in the SEC but also the best team in the nation. Personally, I am starting to believe it.

The College Football Playoff committee will release their first rankings on Tuesday, and while my eyes tell me that Michigan is a strong contender, their schedule has been relatively easy. If rankings are truly based on merit, then teams like Ohio State or Florida State should be considered for the top spot. They have impressive victories against tough opponents.

Last year, the CFP rankings process showed that a team with a more impressive victory than Georgia's would claim the top spot. If history repeats itself, Georgia will spend the rest of the season proving their superiority.

While I can't say for certain that Saturday's result proves Georgia is the best team, it does highlight the gap between the SEC's elite teams and the rest of the conference.

Georgia's defense may not be as strong as it was in their previous championship-winning seasons, and their offense may not be as potent as it was in the past. However, the relevant question is whether any team can defeat this Georgia squad. The longer they go undefeated, the less likely it seems.

Although Georgia had some unimpressive moments in September against weaker opponents, they always seem to rise to the occasion in big games. Even though the rivalry with Florida may not be as intense as it once was, the Gators are simply no match for Georgia's talent and dominance.

Florida's attempt at a trick play on fourth down only showcased their desperation, as Georgia's defense quickly shut it down. From that point on, the Bulldogs continued to dominate, scoring touchdowns and leaving no doubt about their superiority.

The key to Georgia's victory was their dominance at the line of scrimmage. They controlled both sides of the ball and physically overwhelmed Florida.

Despite missing star player Brock Bowers due to injury, Georgia had other players step up, like Ladd McConkey, who made a spectacular 41-yard reception for a touchdown. McConkey's return from injury will help fill the void left by Bowers while he recovers from surgery.

While Florida may not be a formidable rival this year, tougher challenges await Georgia in November against Missouri, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. However, Georgia's talent advantage should give them the upper hand in those matchups.

Overall, I entered this game with the intention of deciding whether Georgia deserves to be ranked number one next week. After witnessing their dominant performance, I am more convinced than ever that they are positioning themselves for a three-peat.

If the CFP rankings do not name Georgia as the top team on Tuesday, it will only motivate them further. Georgia becomes even more dangerous when they feel challenged.

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