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Kamala Harris: Biden Is Very Much Alive and Running for Re-Election

Vice President Kamala Harris assures the American people that President Biden is alive and running for re-election.

Vice President Kamala Harris recently addressed concerns about President Joe Biden's ability to fulfill his duties by assuring the American people that he is "very much alive." In an interview with 60 Minutes, Harris was asked about the possibility of stepping up if Biden is unable to run for re-election in 2024. However, she avoided giving a direct answer and instead mentioned that Democratic donors had suggested there could be a free-for-all for the presidential nomination in such a scenario. When questioned about why donors might not naturally support her, Harris hesitated before stating that she would not engage in hypotheticals and emphasized that Biden is running for re-election. Despite her response, Harris displayed a smile that hinted at her well-known cackling tendencies. She later commented that she doesn't have time for "parlor games" and refused to discuss why President Donald Trump remains popular despite facing political charges. Harris expressed confidence in the Democratic party's ability to win the next election, acknowledging that it won't be easy but asserting that they will prevail. She also blamed the media for not adequately covering the administration's accomplishments, echoing a common sentiment from the Biden White House. When asked about her relationship with Biden, Harris affirmed that she takes her responsibility as Vice President seriously and has a strong connection with the President.

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