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Abuse of Police Powers by IGP to Protect Reputation of PM's Wife Wan Azizah

IGP accused of abusing police powers to protect PM's wife, investigation into critic deemed a waste of resources. #AbuseOfPower #PoliceMisconduct

In a recent development, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Razarudin Husain, has been accused of abusing his powers by using police resources to protect the reputation of the Prime Minister's wife, Wan Azizah. This accusation stems from an investigation into political activist Syarul Ema, also known as Ratu Naga, who was allegedly involved in criminal defamation and section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA).

Ironically, the IGP himself is now being accused of committing slander during this investigation into criminal defamation. It is important to note that Syarul Ema has been labeled as "uncooperative" by the IGP for not answering the questions posed to her during the investigation. However, this claim is blatantly false, as Syarul Ema has fully complied with the legal process by promptly attending the police station to give her statement when called upon.

Contrary to the IGP's claims, there is no legal obligation for Syarul Ema to answer police questions in this investigation. The right to remain silent during police interrogation is a fundamental aspect of our criminal justice system, as outlined in section 112(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code. This section clearly states that individuals have the right to remain silent if the questions posed to them may expose them to a criminal charge.

It is concerning that the IGP seems to be unaware of this fundamental legal provision. If he truly lacks this knowledge, then he is not fit to hold the position of IGP. Furthermore, it is highly embarrassing that the IGP has deemed this investigation, which revolves around a social media post featuring Wan Azizah and the wife of Israeli PM Netanyahu, worthy of his attention. The investigation is a waste of public resources, as there is no element of criminal defamation or any other offense arising from subsequent displays of the picture, as allegedly done by Syarul Ema.

Therefore, it is evident that this police investigation is solely aimed at protecting the reputation of the PM's wife, especially since the picture has gone viral among Malaysians. This blatant abuse of power by the police force to investigate or harass individuals who criticize the PM's wife is unacceptable. If she feels aggrieved, she has the right to file a defamation suit in the civil courts, just like any other citizen. The PM's wife does not hold a special status and is subject to the same rights as any other citizen, as promised by Article 8 of the Federal Constitution, which guarantees equality before the law.

The fact that the police are using their full might to suppress social media users who criticize or express dissatisfaction with the government or those associated with it is tyrannical and goes against the principles of a healthy democracy. This mirrors the actions of the previous Najib regime, which faced strong criticism from leaders in the current government. It is disheartening to see that the PH-led government, which once promised reform, is now resorting to the same laws that they once fought against.

It is not too late for Anwar and his government to uphold their promises to the people and prioritize their much-touted reform agenda. We urge them to respect the right to freedom of expression, as guaranteed by Article 10(1)(a) of the Federal Constitution. Furthermore, the unlawful and heavy-handed police investigation against Syarul Ema must be immediately halted. We also call on the IGP to shift his focus to tackling crime and ensuring the safety of ordinary Malaysians, rather than unlawfully rushing to protect the reputation of the PM's wife.

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