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BJP alleges George Soros-funded Access Now behind Apple alerts on Opposition leaders' phones

The BJP claims that 'Access Now', funded by George Soros, is behind the alleged hacking bid alerts received by Opposition leaders.

In a surprising turn of events, the BJP has claimed that the notifications alerting Opposition leaders of a "state-sponsored" hacking attempt were actually orchestrated by 'Access Now', a group funded by George Soros. Amit Malviya, the BJP IT cell chief, took to social media to share a thread that connects 'Access Now' with the Apple notifications received by Opposition leaders. This revelation sheds light on the possible motives behind Rahul Gandhi's immediate press conference in response to the notifications. Malviya further emphasized the network that 'Access Now' has established in India, suggesting that the notifications received by the Opposition leaders also mentioned the organization. He dismissed the idea that these events were mere coincidences, stating that only those who believe in fairy tales would think so. Malviya supported his claims by referring to posts made by a user named The Story Teller.

This controversy arose when several Opposition MPs and leaders reported receiving notifications from Apple, warning them of attempted compromises on their devices by "state-sponsored attackers." Rahul Gandhi, the former Congress President, spearheaded the attack on the BJP government, asserting that his office members, party leaders, and other Opposition figures had all received alerts regarding hacking attempts on their Apple devices. He condemned these actions as those of criminals and thieves, but assured that they were not afraid. During a press conference, Rahul Gandhi displayed a copy of the alert email received by multiple Opposition leaders, which mentioned "state-sponsored attackers" attempting to compromise their phones. He expressed his lack of concern about phone tapping and even offered to hand over his phone if necessary.

When questioned about the party's strategy in light of repeated targeting of leaders' phones, Rahul Gandhi mentioned his inclusion in the previous Pegasus spyware attack, which mysteriously disappeared. He highlighted the need to educate the people about the situation and expressed satisfaction that more individuals were beginning to understand what was happening. He believed that the widespread targeting of the Opposition was a sign of panic and emphasized that only dishonest individuals would resort to such tactics. Rahul Gandhi also stressed the importance of justice for the future of India, stating that without a caste-based census, the people of the country would not receive the justice they deserved.

Numerous Opposition leaders, including Moitra from the Trinamool Congress, Pawan Khera and Supriya Shrinate from the Congress, Alka Lamba, KC Venugopal, Priyanka Chaturvedi from Shiv Sena UBT, Sitaram Yechury from CPI-M, and Akhilesh Yadav from the Samajwadi Party, came forward to claim that their mobile phones were being targeted by the central government. In response, the government has initiated an investigation and requested Apple's involvement in the probe.

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