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Flush Truck Agreement Signed

The Town of Bashaw has signed an agreement with the Village of Rosalind for flush truck services, allowing them to lease the vehicle instead of purchasing it.

The Town of Bashaw has made a significant decision at their recent council meeting. They have agreed to enter into a new partnership with the Village of Rosalind for flush truck services. This agreement will allow Bashaw to have access to this valuable utility resource without the need to purchase an expensive vehicle themselves.

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the Town, Theresa Fuller, presented a draft agreement to the council outlining the details of this partnership. According to Fuller's report, both Bashaw and Rosalind have agreed to collaborate on the use of a flush truck unit. This vehicle is equipped to pump water and is typically used to clear out water or sewer lines.

The agreement specifies that Rosalind will be responsible for purchasing and owning the flush truck. It is described as a 1999 Freightliner FL06 unit #11. Bashaw, on the other hand, will lease the unit on a regular basis. The terms of the lease state that Bashaw will have access to the flush truck for two weeks per year at a rate of $6,000 per week. If Bashaw requires additional usage, they can do so at a rate of $150 per hour.

To operate the flush truck, Bashaw will provide their own staff. The training of these staff members, including the creation of a "how to" manual, will be overseen by Patrick Taylor, the Bashaw Public Works Foreman. It is important to note that operators must meet basic requirements, such as holding a valid driver's license. Additionally, the agreement will be sent to Bashaw's insurance company for review.

The full agreement was made available for the council to review, and it was agreed upon by both parties that it will be reviewed regularly. This ensures that any issues or concerns can be addressed promptly.

Mayor Rob McDonald mentioned that Rosalind has secured a grant to assist in the purchase of the flush truck. This is a positive development for both municipalities.

The CAO, Theresa Fuller, mentioned that Bashaw is likely to use the flush truck during the spring and fall seasons. This aligns with the typical usage patterns for this type of vehicle.

During the discussion, Coun. Kyle McIntosh raised some important points. He noted that Bashaw is no longer in a partnership for the flush truck, but rather signing a lease agreement. McIntosh emphasized the need for staff training and also pointed out that Bashaw's flush truck budget will double from its current amount of $6,000.

McIntosh also expressed concern about the potential demand for the flush truck from other nearby municipalities. He questioned who would have the right of first refusal if multiple leaseholders all wanted to use the truck at the same time. The CAO responded that there is likely no right of first refusal, but agreed with McIntosh that the demand for the truck would be high.

The discussion also touched on the duration of the training required for operators. Town staff estimated that it would take approximately one eight-hour day to complete the training.

Fuller mentioned that Bashaw has previously worked with Rosalind and had a positive experience. This further supports the decision to enter into this partnership.

Coun. Bryan Gust added that the agreement should be reviewed and approved annually. This will allow both parties to address any issues that may arise in a timely manner.

In the end, the councillors unanimously approved the draft agreement with the Village of Rosalind for flush truck services. This partnership will provide Bashaw with access to a valuable utility resource while minimizing costs. It is a positive step forward for the town and its residents.

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