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"Jason Kidd on the Spurs Decision: Reneging the Biggest Career Disappointment, Reveals 'Cold Feet' on Flight Home"

Jason Kidd, a former NBA champion, expressed regret for not joining the San Antonio Spurs during the 2003 free agency, believing he could have won more championships with the team. Kidd had initially committed to signing with the Spurs but had a change of heart.

In 2011, Jason Kidd achieved the ultimate success in the NBA by winning a championship with the Dallas Mavericks. However, the Hall of Fame point guard recently revealed that he believes he could have won even more rings if he hadn't changed his mind during the 2003 free agency.

At the time, Kidd had already made the decision to leave the New Jersey Nets and sign with the San Antonio Spurs. He had even informed the Spurs of his choice. However, something changed on his flight home, and he had a change of heart.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment in his career, Kidd said, "I thought I was going to be a Spur. I committed when I was down there on my visit. On my flight home, I think I got cold feet. And sometimes I have nightmares about that. Maybe I could have won a championship or two there."

The 2003 NBA Finals had just concluded with Kidd and the Nets losing to the Spurs. After the defeat, Kidd considered joining the team that had just defeated him. He had come very close to becoming a Spur.

"I was in. So I meet with Tim and Pop, and I'm in," Kidd revealed. "The one thing that was a hold up was, and it was a small thing. I was like, 'Man, I gotta sit here and watch you guys get the rings after just losing to you.' That's just one game, and we'll get past it, and we'll have opportunities to win more."

The Spurs had a young Tony Parker as their starting point guard, but adding Kidd, who was an All-Star and All-NBA team selection that season, would have made them even stronger. The Spurs were more than willing to welcome Kidd, the 1995 Co-Rookie of the Year, with open arms.

Ultimately, Kidd decided to stay in New Jersey and accepted a six-year $99 million deal from the Nets. While he had a successful season with the team, leading them to the playoffs, they were ultimately eliminated in the second round by the Detroit Pistons, who went on to become the champions.

Meanwhile, the Spurs went on to win the NBA championship in 2005, 2007, and 2014. Parker, who became the team's star point guard, was named Finals MVP during their 2007 title run and had a remarkable career.

While the Spurs' success was largely attributed to Gregg Popovich's system rather than individual talents, adding Kidd to the team would have given them a second superstar in 2003. Kidd would have been the best point guard that Tim Duncan had ever played with, and it's possible that they could have won multiple championships together.

In conclusion, Jason Kidd's decision to change his mind during the 2003 free agency had a significant impact on his career and the potential championships he could have won. While he achieved success with the Nets, the opportunity to join the Spurs and play alongside Tim Duncan could have elevated his career to even greater heights.

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