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FBI Investigation: Dem Eric Adams Receives Bold Statement

"FBI seizes NYC Mayor Eric Adams' phone in Turkish donation probe. Mayor insists he has nothing to hide and will cooperate."

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) had his phone and iPad seized by the FBI as part of an ongoing investigation into potential illegal donations from the Turkish government to his 2021 campaign.

According to reports, FBI agents with a court-authorized warrant stopped Adams on the street and seized his electronic devices. His campaign attorney, Boyd Johnson, maintained the mayor's innocence and stated that any improper behavior was immediately reported to investigators.

The FBI's approach in broad daylight to seize Adams' devices marks a significant turn in their investigation. Despite the seizure, the Democrat mayor insists he has nothing to hide and is fully cooperating with authorities.

In addition to seizing Adams' devices, FBI agents also searched the home of his campaign consultant, seizing three iPhones, two laptops, personal documents, and other evidence. The FBI also confiscated a "manila folder labeled Eric Adams" and seven "contribution card binders."

The investigation has brought attention to a key figure in Adams' inner circle, who earned over $150,000 from the mayor's campaign.

The mayor has not been accused of any wrongdoing and continues to cooperate with the investigation. The FBI's actions highlight the seriousness of the investigation and the potential implications for Adams' political future.

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