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PlayStation Portal Release Causes Difficulty for Fans finding product

PlayStation Portal, the handheld device for PS5 games, is out today. But it's sold out, and scalpers are inflating prices.

The highly anticipated PlayStation Portal, a handheld device that allows gamers to play their favorite PS5 games via remote play, has finally been released. However, unless you preordered one, you may find it difficult to get your hands on this sought-after device.

Previously known as Project Q, the PlayStation Portal retails for $200 and is designed to stream games from your PS5 using a Wi-Fi connection. While some have questioned the demand for such a device, it has proven to be incredibly popular, with stock quickly selling out at PlayStation Direct and third-party retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop.

Sony has advised eager fans to check back on their website in early December for restocking updates, as the initial batch of devices has sold out. Frustrated PlayStation enthusiasts have taken to social media to express their disappointment, with some users lamenting the inability to find a PlayStation Portal for their loved ones.

With demand for the PlayStation Portal at an all-time high, scalpers have seized the opportunity to sell the device at inflated prices on platforms like eBay, with some listings reaching $300 or more. This has sparked outrage among fans, many of whom were fortunate enough to secure a preorder before the rush.

The scarcity of the PlayStation Portal has drawn comparisons to the PS5 stocking issues that plagued Sony three years ago, with the console being notoriously difficult to find at launch. Despite the challenges, those who have managed to experience the PlayStation Portal have been pleasantly surprised by its performance, with one reviewer noting that it exceeded their initial skepticism.

For those still hoping to purchase a PlayStation Portal, there are resources available to help track restocking updates and availability. Whether it's through a buying guide or following dedicated accounts on social media, there are ways to stay informed and increase your chances of securing this elusive gaming device.

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