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Bulls Alex Caruso draws first start, continues hot shooting

Chicago Bulls defensive ace Alex Caruso will be starting for the foreseeable future after a strong performance, shooting 50% from 3-point range.

The Chicago Bulls have been considering whether to start Alex Caruso, a defensive-minded guard who has been shooting 50 percent from 3-point range, before finally making the decision to do so. Coach Billy Donovan confirmed this after Caruso's two-game absence due to a sprained toe, stating that Caruso will start for the foreseeable future. However, the challenge now is to figure out the rotation behind him.

Donovan emphasized the need to manage Caruso's minutes effectively, especially considering that he is the team's main sparkplug. Caruso's first start saw him play 23 minutes, during which he demonstrated his defensive prowess and impressive shooting from beyond the arc, sinking three 3-pointers. He also displayed his resilience, playing through a minor injury to his pinky finger.

Despite his impactful performance, Caruso cannot play 48 minutes, and the Bulls are being cautious about his health. They are mindful of keeping him healthy and managing his minutes, as he has been a crucial player for the team, earning first-team All-Defense honors last season.

Caruso's hot shooting from 3-point range has been a significant asset for the Bulls, with his newfound shooting accuracy contributing to his overall impact on the team. He attributes his success to trusting the work he has put in during the offseason and preseason, emphasizing his detachment from the results of his shots and his focus on playing basketball to win.

In his first start, Caruso's performance was impressive, as he not only showcased his shooting skills but also made significant defensive contributions. His ability to make life difficult for opponents, combined with his offensive prowess, has solidified his position as a key player for the Bulls.

Overall, Caruso's performance in his first start exemplified his value to the team, and his career-high shooting percentage from beyond the arc reflects his dedication and hard work. As he continues to contribute to the Bulls' success, his impact on the team's performance is likely to remain significant.

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