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Everton fans furious over documents revealing Tottenham saved £20million on Richarlison

Everton fans outraged as Tottenham paid £20m less for Richarlison than budgeted, leading to 10-point deduction and potential relegation.

Everton fans are expressing their frustration after learning that Tottenham paid £20 million less than originally budgeted for Richarlison. The Toffees were hit with a ten-point deduction by the Premier League for breaching financial rules, leaving them in the relegation zone with just four points. An independent commission's 41-page report highlighted Richarlison's move to Spurs in the summer of 2022, revealing that Everton had budgeted £80 million from his sale, but only received £60 million. This has led to outrage among fans, who feel that the club was forced to sell Richarlison due to financial difficulties, only for it to be in vain.

The punishment for breaching the Premier League's profitability and sustainability rules has sparked anger and disappointment among Everton supporters. Many have taken to social media to express their frustration, with one fan commenting, "I think we all knew that at the time." Another fan pointed out that Spurs took advantage of Everton's financial struggles, calling it a "fire sale scenario." The situation has not only affected Everton's standing in the league but has also resulted in potential lawsuits from Burnley, Leeds United, and Leicester City, who were relegated while Everton managed to stay in the Premier League in previous seasons.

The situation has also put the spotlight on Tottenham's investment in Richarlison, with the Brazilian forward failing to deliver the expected results on the pitch. With just five goals in 46 appearances in all competitions, the transfer has not proven to be money well spent for Tottenham. Meanwhile, Everton faces the risk of relegation to the Championship, a fate they have managed to avoid in the past two seasons. This entire saga has highlighted the financial challenges and consequences that clubs face in the competitive world of football.

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