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Dolphins' Tyreek Hill compliments Jason Kelce during Eagles-Chiefs game

"Jason Kelce makes playing Center look fun," says Tyreek Hill. Eagles beat Chiefs 21-17, sending a message that the road to Super Bowl LVIII goes through Philly.

Jason Kelce has been a dominant force in the NFL for 13 seasons, earning numerous Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections. His recent performance against the Chiefs, helping the Eagles secure a crucial victory, further solidifies his status as one of the league's top players. As the Eagles continue to make a strong push for the playoffs, Kelce's leadership and skill on the field are invaluable.

In addition to his on-field success, Kelce has also amassed an impressive net worth, reflecting his impact and influence within the league. The Dolphins, seeking to replicate the Eagles' recent success, have made significant strides in their own right, with Tyreek Hill playing a key role in their offensive game plan.

Hill, known for his explosive speed and playmaking ability, has already achieved remarkable statistics this season, putting him on track for a historic 2,000-yard receiving season. His performance against the Raiders in Week 11 further solidified his status as one of the most dynamic and impactful players in the league.

Looking ahead, both Kelce and Hill have the potential to be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, a testament to their exceptional careers and lasting impact on the sport. As they continue to excel on the field, their contributions to the game will undoubtedly be celebrated for years to come.

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