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Juno Temple juggling Fargo Ted Lasso accents, It took me a minute

Juno Temple shares her experience learning a Minnesotan accent for her role in FX's "Fargo" and setting someone on fire.

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FX's "Fargo" is famous for its strong Minnesotan accents, which presented a challenge for Juno Temple, the star of season five. The British actor plays Dot Lyon, a seemingly ordinary housewife whose dark past begins to catch up with her when Sheriff Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm) comes looking for her.

According to Temple, she had to learn a Minnesotan accent for the part while also shooting "Ted Lasso," in which she speaks with an Essex accent. Juggling the two accents simultaneously was no small feat. "I remember when I first started doing dialect sessions, I was still doing season three of 'Ted Lasso,' so I was speaking Essex, while also being Juno in real life," Temple says. "And then there's Juno's inside voice. And then Dot was coming to life."

She even picked up some Minnesotan vernacular while playing Dot. "It's kind of funny sounding, oh yeah," she says. "The new words as well. Commode -- did not know what that was. Or a vestibule. I was like, 'What is that?' This was all new."

As a result of Dot being hunted by Hamm's sheriff, Temple's character is involved in various action scenes. She says she did some of her stunts herself, including setting someone on fire. "Doing that moment of setting somebody on fire, I think is the craziest thing I've ever had to do at work," she says. "I dunno if you've ever set anybody on fire, but I hope not, because it's something you will never forget."

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