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Mexico vs. Honduras: Concacaf Nations League Time Today

Mexico vs. Honduras face off in the Concacaf Nations League quarterfinals. Mexico must win by at least two goals to advance.

Mexico and Honduras are set to face off in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Concacaf Nations League at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City on Tuesday, November 21. In their previous matchup, Honduras secured a victory by scoring two goals, leaving Mexico in a difficult position. Now, Mexico's team, led by Jaime Lozano, is determined to turn the tide and secure their qualification for the Copa América 2024.

After suffering a 2-0 defeat, Mexico must now score at least three goals to advance to the semifinals of the Concacaf Nations League. This not only determines their progression in the competition but also guarantees their participation in the Copa América. The team faces the challenge of winning by at least two goals without allowing Honduras to score, or else the match will go into extra time.

If Honduras scores first, Mexico will need to score four goals to reverse the situation. Despite the challenging outlook, the historical significance of the Azteca Stadium and the support of the fans could work in Mexico's favor, although this influence may not be as decisive as in the past.

In addition to these challenges, Mexico will also be without experienced goalkeeper Memo Ochoa, who is sidelined due to a shoulder injury. Julio González from Pumas has been called in as his replacement.

The match is set to begin at 8:00 p.m. in both Honduras and Central Mexico. For those in other countries, the match will also be available on pay television and Concacaf GO. It is important to note that Fútbol Libre TV is not a legitimate option for viewing the match.

The Azteca Stadium, with a capacity for 83,264 spectators, will be the stage for this highly anticipated match. This stadium, one of the largest in America and the world, will host both Mexican and Honduran fans as they come together for the second leg of the Concacaf Nations League. For more details about the match, visit Depor. Don't miss this exciting showdown between Mexico and Honduras.

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