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Sharon Stone Clarifies Paying Leo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe's Salaries

Sharon Stone confirms she paid Leonardo DiCaprio's salary for "The Quick and the Dead." DiCaprio expresses his gratitude for her generosity.

Sharon Stone is setting the record straight about her involvement in helping Leonardo DiCaprio land his breakthrough role in The Quick and the Dead. In a recent Instagram post, Stone confirmed that she did indeed pay for DiCaprio's salary for the 1995 Western film after the studio initially showed no interest in hiring an up-and-coming actor. At the time, DiCaprio had only a few credits to his name, including a starring role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Addressing a recent article by the Hollywood Reporter, Stone clarified that she did pay DiCaprio's salary out of her own pocket, but did not cover Russell Crowe's salary. However, she did request a two-week delay for filming to allow Crowe to travel from Australia to be part of the movie, and the producer agreed to cover those expenses.

Stone had previously revealed in her 2021 memoir that she fought to keep DiCaprio on the film, believing he was the perfect fit for the role of The Kid. She recounted how the studio told her she could pay for him out of her own salary, which she ultimately did.

The story resurfaced when DiCaprio expressed his gratitude for Stone in a recent interview with E! News, acknowledging that he had thanked her many times for her support. He described Stone as "amazing" and credited her for also helping Russell Crowe, a claim that Stone clarified in her Instagram post.

Overall, Stone's Instagram post provides clarity on the situation and sheds light on her efforts to support and advocate for young talent in Hollywood. Her actions exemplify the importance of mentorship and support within the entertainment industry.

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