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Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James suffers 44-point worst career loss

LeBron James watched the Lakers get blown out by the 76ers. He sat silently and the team struggled to find answers.

LeBron James watched from the end of the Lakers' bench as his team suffered a crushing 138-94 defeat at the hands of the 76ers in Philadelphia. The loss marked a career low for James, who had never experienced such a devastating margin of defeat in his 21-year career.

When asked what needed to change to avoid a repeat of the loss, James was uncharacteristically brief, simply stating "a lot." His teammate, Anthony Davis, acknowledged that the team would need to quickly move on from the loss and focus on their upcoming games, but also emphasized the need to address the root problems that led to such a lopsided defeat.

Davis and Lakers coach Darvin Ham pointed to a lack of competitive spirit and breakdowns in defensive play as contributing factors to the loss. The 76ers' dominance from the three-point line and their ability to dictate the pace of the game were also cited as key factors in the Lakers' defeat.

Despite the challenges the Lakers faced, including injuries to key players, the team's performance in the fourth quarter was particularly disappointing, with the 76ers outscoring them 40-14. This prompted questions about how the team would react and make improvements moving forward.

Following the game, both James and the Lakers were vague in their responses, leaving many questions unanswered. The defeat left the team searching for answers and looking ahead to their next game with a sense of urgency.

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