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Country Star Kane Brown Discusses Duetting with Elvis Presley on Blue Christmas

Country star Kane Brown released a virtual duet with Elvis Presley singing "Blue Christmas," discussing his admiration for Elvis.

Country star Kane Brown recently released a virtual duet of himself and Elvis Presley singing "Blue Christmas," thanks to the magic of modern editing. Brown, known for hits such as "One Thing Right," "Used to Love You Sober," and "Like I Love Country Music," discussed what it was like to hear the new version of the song during a 2023 interview with Billboard.

He described the experience as "really different," noting that, while recording the duet, he obviously didn't have the other artist in the room. However, upon hearing the final track, Brown admitted that it gave him "chill bumps." He praised Elvis as an icon and an innovator, expressing his admiration for the "Hound Dog" singer.

Reflecting on his favorite song by Elvis, Brown found it difficult to choose just one, but he emphasized the incredible feeling of having a duet with Elvis and hearing his daughters sing it at home. He also discussed his growing admiration for Elvis as he got older, learning more about the singer's background and the challenges he overcame to become the legend he is today.

Elvis has had a significant impact on Brown's life, with the country star recalling his "nana" as a big fan of the King of Rock 'n' Roll. As he got older, Brown began to listen to Elvis' music more carefully, recognizing the musical fearlessness of the legendary singer. Brown even revealed that he tries to mimic Elvis' vocals on "Blue Christmas" and "Hound Dog," predicting that the classic rock icon will be famous until the end of time.

Overall, Brown's deep admiration for Elvis and his efforts to keep the King of Rock 'n' Roll's legacy alive demonstrate the incredible musical talent and influence of the country star. With his virtual duet with Elvis, Brown has shown the magic of modern editing and the timeless impact of classic rock stars on contemporary music.

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