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Tesla Cybertruck reaches customers after four years

Tesla's Cybertruck to be delivered tonight, 4 years after its reveal. $39,900, 3400kg towing capacity, 1360kg payload. Orders not available.

The long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck is finally set to be delivered to customers tonight, marking the end of a tumultuous journey for the electric vehicle. After four years of delays, production for the angular pick-up only recently began in July, with reservations being taken for $100. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has openly acknowledged the challenges faced in bringing the Cybertruck to market, citing the need for innovative production techniques to achieve volume production. The Cybertruck, made from ultra-hard stainless steel and utilizing gigapresses and hot-stamping facilities, is a unique offering from Tesla, with a focus on profitability and affordability.

Despite boasting a million reservations, the price for the Cybertruck remains uncertain, with initial estimates of $39,900 likely to be exceeded. The vehicle, which rivals the Ford F-150 Lightning, features a radical design and bulletproof body, with three powertrain options and impressive towing and payload capabilities. The top-tier model, equipped with Tesla's latest tri-motor Plaid EV powertrain, is projected to have a 500-mile range and a 0-60mph time of 2.9 seconds. The Cybertruck's interior is minimalist, with a large touchscreen dominating the dashboard and the ability to seat up to six adults.

While reservations for the Cybertruck are high, the challenges of bringing such a unique product to market are evident. Musk has openly discussed the difficulties of achieving profitability and affordability, emphasizing the need for lower interest rates and government incentives. The Cybertruck's production and delivery mark a significant milestone for Tesla, with the hope of overcoming the challenges faced in bringing this groundbreaking vehicle to market.

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