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Fortnite Big Bang Event Epic Adventure Sets Up New LEGO Racing Music Games

Fortnite's Big Bang event introduces LEGO, Rocket League-like racing, and Guitar Hero-style music games, leading up to Fortnite Chapter 5: Underground.

The highly anticipated Fortnite Big Bang event has finally arrived and it has brought with it a mind-blowing dimension-hopping experience that includes an electrifying performance by none other than Eminem. But that's not all - the event has also unveiled new LEGO, Rocket League-style racing, and Guitar Hero/Rock Band-like music games that are set to take Fortnite to a whole new level.

The event kicked off with a meteor striking the map and colliding with The Zero Point, creating a rift in space and time that transports players and everything around them through multiple realities and dimensions.

One of these dimensions is a LEGO Fortnite world, where players and their teammates transform into LEGO characters and embark on a breathtaking glider tour of the world. The LEGO world is filled with LEGO people building, a massive dragon attacking a castle, a bustling town, and more, all beautifully crafted out of LEGO. The ray tracing effects add a mesmerizing glow to the terrain, leaving players wishing they could stay longer. This sneak peek has left us eagerly anticipating the upcoming LEGO Fortnite survival crafting game, set to launch on December 7.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Players are also dropped into the middle of a race in a Rocket League-style setting, with cars zipping around a track that looks like it could be straight out of a Fortnite map. The gameplay mechanics provide limited control over the vehicle, allowing players to drift, boost, use thrusters, air dodge, and turbo. This new game, called Rocket Racing, is being developed by Psyonix, the studio behind Rocket League, and is scheduled to debut on December 8.

As if that wasn't enough, players are transported to a music universe where Eminem takes the stage and delivers a mini-concert, reminiscent of the Travis Scott event. Halfway through, Eminem grows to Godzilla proportions as the song "Godzilla" featuring Juice WRLD kicks in. This experience also introduces a music game, similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, where players tap buttons in time to one of Eminem's songs. This new music game, Fortnite Festival, will allow players and their friends to perform on stage with hit music by their favorite artists, and is being developed by Harmonix, the team behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Fortnite Festival Season 1 is set to debut on December 9 with The Weeknd as the Music Icon.

The Big Bang event concludes with players gazing upon these new dimensions, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to once again visit these exciting worlds.

All of these festivities are building up to the highly anticipated launch of Fortnite Chapter 5: Underground, which will introduce the long-awaited Peter Griffin and Solid Snake skins, a new island, weapon mods, a new train that will traverse the map, and much more.

For those who may have missed the event, Fortnite is hosting two additional showings of the Big Bang after the 2pm ET show. Be sure to check back here or follow Fortnite's Twitter to find out when these new showings will take place.

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Adam Bankhurst, a news writer for IGN, can be followed on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.

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