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Seaman: Arsenal players can learn from 'consistent' Liverpool ace

David Seaman advises Arsenal players to watch Liverpool's Alisson Becker to improve their game. Alisson is recognized as one of the best goalkeepers.

Former Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman has spoken out about the importance of studying top-level players to improve one's game, specifically mentioning Liverpool's Alisson Becker. Seaman, a fan of the Brazilian goalkeeper, highlighted Alisson's exceptional one-on-one skills and emphasized the value of learning from players at the highest level.

Seaman revealed that he advises Arsenal's goalkeepers to watch and learn from players like Alisson and Manchester City's Ederson, noting their unique characteristics and techniques. He stressed the importance of paying attention to details such as Alisson's unwavering focus on the ball and Ederson's ability to make crucial saves despite minimal involvement in the game.

Currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, Alisson's absence has been felt by Liverpool, with Caoimhin Kelleher stepping in as his replacement. While Kelleher is a talented goalkeeper, the team's defensive stability is noticeably impacted without Alisson's presence, highlighting the significance of his role within the squad.

Seaman's endorsement of studying top goalkeepers like Alisson and Ederson reflects the recognition of their status as some of the best in the league. He encourages Arsenal's players to analyze and learn from these top performers, recognizing the potential for improvement through observation and study.

As Liverpool aims to achieve further success, the return of Alisson to full fitness will be eagerly anticipated, with his presence crucial to the team's pursuit of silverware. Seaman's insights serve as a reminder of the value of continuous learning and observation, even for established professionals, in the pursuit of excellence.

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