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Jurassic Park Survival trailer teases raptor in freezer

The Jurassic Park: Survival video game trailer is a terrifying adventure set after the 1993 movie, with a clever girl twist.

The trailer for Jurassic Park: Survival is truly astounding and captivating. It immerses players in a first-person adventure where they must navigate a world filled with dangerous dinosaurs. The game is set immediately after the events of the iconic 1993 film Jurassic Park, focusing on a pivotal scene involving a velociraptor locked in a freezer by characters Lex and Tim.

Unveiled at the 2023 Game Awards ceremony, the trailer follows a British doctor stranded on Isla Nublar after the main characters have left. The preview features iconic elements from the original film, such as the SUVs from the T-rex attack scene and Dr. Grant's hat on the ground.

As the central character explores the Jurassic Park welcome center, she is pursued by a Dilophosaurus and finds herself in the same kitchen where Lex and Tim faced off against raptors in the movie. The trailer ends with the revelation that the velociraptor locked in the freezer has survived.

Jurassic Park: Survival is part of a recent trend of revisiting the original film's characters, as seen in the 2022 movie Jurassic World: Dominion, which brought back actors from the original film in significant roles.

To experience the thrilling journey of Jurassic Park: Survival, watch the teaser trailer and uncover the fate of the raptor in the freezer.

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