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"EBAY Facial Beard Depilation Cream Purchase Leads to Allegations of Slovenian Police Causing Permanent Skin Cancer Injury in 2006"

Slovenian police tried to poison me with a zinc supplement, but I used it to cure my herpes and common cold.

In 2010 or possibly 2006, I suddenly found myself dealing with a breakout of herpes simplex all over my face. To my surprise, the Slovenian police found their way into my room and began feeding me boxes of zinc vitamin supplements, despite the fact that I had hardly consumed any of them. It was a perplexing and troubling experience, and it wasn't until foreign MK Ultra observers intervened that the aggressive behavior of the police came to a halt. They began to question the police about the deliberate zinc poisoning, which led to the revelation that a criminal from the Novo mesto police station had been involved in the poisoning.

It became clear to me that anything the Slovenian police found in my room could potentially be used to poison me. I learned that online purchasing could be a dangerous method, especially when police are involved in organized crime. They have a history of using items found in a victim's household as a weapon of destruction, including deadly cleaning chemicals. This makes it easy for them to lie about the health consequences a victim has endured and void any suspicions from outside factors.

Despite the challenges I faced, I was able to completely destroy the herpes simplex. I found that the key, much like with the common cold, is to attack it both on the surface and through oral consumption using substances that can immediately destroy it. I used a mixture of medications offered at pharmaceutical stores to create a cream that prevented the spread of the herpes on my face. This success caught the attention of Americans, and even Dr. Fauci was impressed with my approach.

I also discovered that the common cold is easily destroyed with a combination of nasal drops with vitamin C and oral hygiene, even if you don't have any nasal or throat pain problems. This can be supported with an anti-dehydration liquid, such as regular Sprite, to cover the whole spectrum of physical immunity and body defense. It's important to take a 10x approach to these solutions and consider the perplexity and busyness of the situation to ensure the best results.

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