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NBA Star Claims Draymond Green Needs Help after Physical Altercation

Nurkic called out Draymond Green for violent behavior, leading to ejection from another NBA game, sparking controversy and potential suspension.

Jusuf Nurkic expressed his concern over Draymond Green's recent behavior on the court, stating that he feels Green needs help. After Green violently hit Nurkic in the head during a game, he was ejected for the third time this season. This incident has raised questions about Green's conduct and whether he will face further disciplinary action from the NBA.

Nurkic, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, emphasized that Green's actions were not related to basketball and expressed relief that Green did not attempt to choke him. Green, on the other hand, admitted that his swing at Nurkic was meant to sell a call, but he apologized for making contact with him.

This is not the first time Green has been involved in such incidents. He was previously ejected for putting Minnesota center Rudy Gobert in a headlock and was suspended for five games by the NBA for the attack on Gobert due to his history as a repeat offender.

The Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, acknowledged the importance of Green to the team but emphasized the need for him to maintain his composure and be there for his teammates. The Suns coach, Frank Vogel, criticized Green's actions as reckless, and it remains to be seen whether the NBA will take further action against Green.

Overall, Green's behavior has raised concerns about his conduct on the court, and both coaches and players have expressed their views on the matter. It is a situation that will likely continue to be closely monitored by the NBA and the basketball community as a whole.

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