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Ian Garry addresses UFC 296 exit, flu, fight

UFC fighter Ian Garry pulled from fight due to pneumonia, expressing annoyance at the situation. Dana White confirms the news.

Undefeated striker Ian Garry, who was set to compete in a welterweight fight at UFC 296, has been forced to withdraw from the event due to pneumonia. UFC CEO Dana White confirmed the news, stating that Garry had initially experienced flu-like symptoms that developed into pneumonia, ultimately leading to his removal from the card.

Garry's manager and wife, Layla Anna-Lee, confirmed that the 25-year-old would not be able to attend a scheduled media day but still intended to appear at a press conference later in the day. However, reports soon surfaced detailing Garry's withdrawal from the fight with Luque.

In a statement addressing his exit from UFC 296, Garry expressed his frustration, stating that UFC medical staff had deemed him unfit to compete. Despite their efforts to help him, the UFC doctor ultimately made the decision to remove him from the fight, much to Garry's disappointment.

This turn of events has left Garry, as well as fans and supporters, disappointed and eager to see him back in action. It's clear that Garry's passion for fighting is unmatched, and he remains determined to return to the octagon as soon as he's able.

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