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Why Michelle Wu Holiday Party is Trending: An Inside Look

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's secret holiday party mishap sparks outrage after invites meant for "electeds of color" were mistakenly sent to others.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu made headlines when details of her exclusive holiday party were leaked to the public. Reports indicated that invites to the party were mistakenly sent to individuals who were not originally intended to be on the guest list. This mishap caused a stir, and Wu began trending online due to the controversy.

According to the Boston Herald, a Boston City Hall official inadvertently sent out invites to the exclusive party, which was meant only for "electeds of color." The invitations were mistakenly sent to all members of the Boston City Council, which consists of six councilors of color and seven white councilors.

Shortly after the mishap, Denise DosSantos, the mayor's director of City Council relations, issued a follow-up email to apologize for the mistake. While some individuals, such as Councilor Frank Baker, did not take offense to being disinvited, others criticized the situation on social media.

Despite the backlash, Wu maintained that the sending of the invites to the incorrect parties was a genuine oversight. She explained that the holiday gathering for officials of color is a tradition that's been running for a decade, with members taking turns hosting them. Additionally, she announced that there would be another party for "all elected officials" and members of her cabinet on a different date.

Michelle Wu, who has been the mayor of Boston since 2021, is the first woman of color, first woman, and first Asian-American elected to the post. She emphasized her commitment to creating a Boston that welcomes all who call the city home in her victory speech.

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