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How Prince William and Kate Middleton's Love Story Began: Recap of The Crown

The Crown's final season chronicles Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance, from chance encounters to a blossoming love that endures.

The Crown has been a captivating series that has delved into the intricacies of royal relationships for over fifty years. In its latest installment, Part 2 of the sixth and final season, the show explores the courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Episode 5 takes viewers back to William's time at Eton, where he is still grappling with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana. Despite his personal struggles, he becomes a heartthrob to millions of adoring girls, receiving bags full of fan mail in his dorm room. However, William shies away from the spotlight and resists Charles' attempts to portray their family as a happy one. Tensions rise between William and Charles, as William blames his father for his mother's tragic death. However, an unexpected intervention from Prince Philip helps mend their relationship.

In Episode 7, a 15-year-old Kate Middleton has a fateful encounter with Diana and William at a charity event, setting the stage for their future relationship. As William chooses St Andrews for university, Kate follows suit, with William's peers admiring her as "Beautiful Kate." Despite William's involvement with another girl named Lola, his connection with Kate becomes undeniable, leading to a confrontation that ultimately results in their split. As William pines for Kate during a break at home, their love story takes a new turn.

Episode 9 sees Kate taking a bold step by strutting down the runway in a sheer dress, hoping to gauge William's interest. Their mutual affection is confirmed, but their happiness is interrupted by the news of the Queen Mother's death and a new investigation into Diana's passing. Despite these challenges, William and Kate's love continues to flourish, leading to plans to live together on campus and the beginning of a great royal love story.

The Crown's portrayal of William and Kate's courtship provides a captivating and intimate look into the early days of their relationship, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs that ultimately led to their enduring love.

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