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Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva criticizes intense football schedule

FIFA Club World Cup set to expand in 2025. Manchester City's Bernardo Silva speaks on harm of more football being scheduled.

Bernardo Silva, a midfielder for Manchester City, has recently spoken out about the increased number of football matches that players are required to compete in. The FIFA Club World Cup is set to expand in 2025, with 32 teams participating in the competition every four years during the summer months. This expansion has raised concerns about the physical demands on footballers and the potential for increased injuries due to the lack of rest and recovery time.

Silva expressed his concerns about the impact of the expanded tournament, stating that the current number of games is already "a bit crazy" and that the risk of injuries will increase significantly with the addition of more matches. He believes that the intensity and energy of the games will suffer if players are required to compete in an excessive number of matches.

Silva's comments reflect a growing sentiment among current footballers, with players like Raphael Varane, Thibaut Courtois, Virgil van Dijk, and Robert Lewandowski also expressing concerns about the intense schedule and physical demands placed on players.

In addition to the physical toll, the expanded tournament raises questions about the impact on domestic league schedules. Manchester City's participation in the Club World Cup has led to the postponement of a Premier League game, adding to an already packed schedule for the team.

Despite these concerns, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has not opposed the expansion of the Club World Cup. However, he has raised concerns about the lack of recovery time for players, emphasizing the challenges of restarting the season after a short break.

While the expanded Club World Cup presents an opportunity for Manchester City to add to their list of honours, the physical and scheduling challenges are significant. The club will need to navigate these challenges while maintaining their performance in the Premier League and other competitions.

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