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Bulls Coby White Discusses Spurs Victor Wembanyama: Honest Interview

Bulls' White praises Wembanyama's talent and impact on the game, while Drummond's physicality helps limit Wembanyama's effectiveness.

During a postgame interview on December 21, Bulls player Coby White marveled at the defensive prowess of their opponent, Wembanyama, stating that he had never been on the floor with someone quite like him. Despite limiting Wembanyama to a season-low seven points on 37.5% shooting, White acknowledged the young player's diverse skill set, which included five assists, five rebounds, three blocks, and two steals without committing a single personal foul. White emphasized that Wembanyama's impact on the game went beyond statistics, as his presence alone disrupted the Bulls' offensive strategy, making it difficult for them to score. Additionally, Wembanyama's 7'4" height allowed him to shoot over defenders in the paint and read the defense to make strategic passes. The Bulls' struggle from beyond the arc was countered by Alex Caruso's motivational messages throughout the game, reminding the team to embrace the challenge and find other ways to win when their three-point shooting was not at its best. Furthermore, Bulls center Andre Drummond's physicality played a significant role in limiting Wembanyama's effectiveness in the paint, as he recorded 12 points, eight rebounds, five steals, two blocks, and one assist. White praised Drummond's contribution, stating that his physicality changed the game on both ends of the court and was crucial to the team's success.

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