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Hugh Freeze, Malik Willis, Auburn football, Music City Bowl, speak

Former Auburn player Malik Willis, now with the Tennessee Titans, visited his former coach and encouraged players to finish with their team.

Malik Willis spent three seasons at Liberty under current Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze before being drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Willis, who began his collegiate career at Auburn before entering the transfer portal in 2019, recently visited his former coach in the host city for the Music City Bowl matchup between Auburn and Maryland.

During a discussion on Tiger Talk about opt-outs, Freeze mentioned Willis' visit and shared his admiration for the quarterback's decision to play in the bowl game despite being projected as a first-round draft pick. Freeze recalled a conversation with Willis in which he initially expected to have to persuade him to play, but was surprised when Willis expressed his commitment to finishing with his team.

Auburn and Maryland are set to face off in the Music City Bowl at Nissan Stadium, where Willis now plays for the Titans. It's clear that Willis' dedication to his team and his willingness to play in the bowl game has left a lasting impression on his former coach and teammates.

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming matchup, it's evident that Willis' visit and his decision to play in the bowl game have had a significant impact on the Auburn football program. The team's preparation for the game has been influenced by Willis' commitment to finishing with his team, and his visit has undoubtedly provided a source of motivation and inspiration for the players.

In conclusion, Willis' visit to Auburn ahead of the Music City Bowl has underscored the importance of dedication and teamwork in college football. His decision to play in the bowl game despite his draft projections serves as a reminder of the value of finishing with one's team and the impact it can have on the program as a whole. As the game approaches, the influence of Willis' visit and his commitment to his team will undoubtedly be felt on the field, as Auburn takes on Maryland in what promises to be an exciting and competitive matchup.

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