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NBA: Joel Embiid triple-double return, 76ers rout Bulls | Inquirer Sports

Joel Embiid's return from injury leads to a 110-97 win for the 76ers against the Bulls, with Embiid reaching his seventh career triple-double.

Joel Embiid's triumphant return from a sprained right ankle was nothing short of spectacular, as he led the Philadelphia 76ers to a resounding 110-97 victory over the Chicago Bulls. Embiid's performance was nothing short of MVP-worthy, as he racked up an impressive 31 points, 15 rebounds, and 10 assists.

Embiid's absence from the 76ers' recent games was palpable, as they struggled to secure wins on their holiday road trip. However, with the big man back in action, they wasted no time in establishing an early lead against the Bulls, turning the game into a one-sided affair.

The Bulls, who have been performing admirably in the absence of injured guard Zach LaVine, were no match for the Sixers on this occasion. Even the imminent return of LaVine may not have been enough to turn the tide, as the Bulls fell to a 10-6 record without him.

Despite DeMar DeRozan's efforts, the Bulls were unable to overcome the dominant performance of the 76ers. Andre Drummond's 11 points and 17 rebounds were overshadowed by a missed dunk that drew cheers from the home crowd. Additionally, Patrick Williams left the game with an injured right ankle, further adding to the Bulls' woes.

The Sixers' recent trend of comfortable wins continued, with Embiid's return further solidifying their dominance. Their ability to establish and maintain double-digit leads has been a key factor in their success, particularly against weaker or undermanned teams such as the Bulls.

Embiid's commanding presence on the court was evident, as he secured his seventh career triple-double and extended his franchise records with 15 straight 30-point games and 14 straight games of 30 points and 10 rebounds. The Sixers' early offensive onslaught, which saw them make 12 of their first 16 shots and start 7 of 9 on 3-point range, set the tone for the game and ultimately led to their victory.

In addition to Embiid's stellar performance, Kelly Oubre Jr. contributed 16 points, further bolstering the Sixers' lead. The halftime score of 73-42 marked the 12th time in franchise history that the Sixers led by 31-plus points at halftime, highlighting their dominance throughout the game.

Embiid's agility and skill were on full display, as he moved effortlessly on the court, seemingly unfazed by his recent ankle injury. His ability to secure a triple-double with a no-look pass further solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the league.

Despite missing several games, Embiid still leads the league in scoring with an impressive average of 35 points per game. His return to the court has undoubtedly reinvigorated the Sixers, and his commanding performance against the Bulls serves as a testament to his status as one of the league's most formidable players.

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