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RAF targeted strikes Houthi rebel sites Yemen

US, UK and allies launched strikes against Yemen, reducing Houthi capabilities to threaten international shipping in the Red Sea.

US President Joe Biden announced that the US military, with support from the UK and assistance from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands, successfully launched strikes against multiple targets in Yemen. The Ministry of Defence stated that coalition forces identified key facilities involved in Houthi targeting of HMS Diamond and US Navy vessels and agreed to conduct a coordinated strike to reduce the Houthis' capability to violate international law. Four RAF Typhoon FGR4s, supported by a Voyager air refuelling tanker, used Paveway IV guided bombs to conduct precision strikes on two Houthi facilities. The strikes were carefully planned to minimize risks to civilians and were conducted during the night. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of protecting sea-lanes, which are vital to the global economy, and stressed the need to deter further Houthi aggression. President Biden expressed that the strikes were in direct response to unprecedented Houthi attacks against international maritime vessels in the Red Sea, endangering US personnel, civilian mariners, and global trade. The US maintains its right to self-defence and will take follow-on actions to protect US forces if necessary. The Government briefed opposition leaders and discussed the response to the disruption on the global shipping route. Major shipping lines and oil giant BP have diverted vessels around southern Africa to avoid the Red Sea, which could lead to increased costs and inflation.

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