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Mia Goth A24 sued extra alleged battery wrongful termination

Background actor sues actress Mia Goth for $500,000 after allegedly being kicked in head during "MaXXXine" filming. Hunter also claims wrongful termination.

Actress Mia Goth is facing a lawsuit from a background actor who alleges that she intentionally kicked him in the head during the filming of the A24 film "MaXXXine," the third and final installment of the horror trilogy that includes the 2022 films "X" and "Pearl."

The background actor, James Hunter, claims that he was hired for three days to play the role of "Dead Parishioner" and is suing Goth for battery over the alleged kick, which he says gave him a concussion. Additionally, he has filed wrongful termination claims against A24 and the film's director Ti West.

In his lawsuit, Hunter describes a scene where he was required to wear a robe and be covered in fake blood from head to toe. He recounts enduring ants and mosquitoes while lying on the ground for several hours during the first night of shooting. Despite warnings to be cautious, Hunter claims that Goth intentionally kicked him in the head with her boot during a take, causing him pain and discomfort.

According to court documents, Hunter also alleges that Goth later approached him in the bathroom and "taunted, mocked, and belittled" him. He claims to have felt lightheaded and experienced pain in his head from the kick, as well as discomfort from the dried fake blood adhering to his skin and clothing.

The lawsuit seeks damages of at least $500,000 for battery and wrongful termination, along with punitive damages. TMZ reports that Hunter had to pull over twice on his drive home due to the pain and discomfort caused by the alleged incident.

This lawsuit highlights the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful working environment for all individuals involved in the film industry. It serves as a reminder of the potential risks and consequences of negligence and intentional harm on set, and the legal recourse available to those who experience mistreatment.

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