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NFL first exclusive playoff stream Peacock sparks mixed reactions

NFL history was made with the first playoff game exclusively on Peacock, drawing mixed reactions. NBC and Peacock emerged as winners.

The NFL made history on Saturday with its first-ever playoff game streaming exclusively on Peacock, drawing mixed reactions from viewers. The Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Miami Dolphins in a game that marked a bold move by the league into the realm of exclusive streaming.

Pete Grathoff of the Kansas City Star delved into the varied responses from fans tuning in to the groundbreaking broadcast, reporting mixed experiences with Peacock's stream of the game.

According to USA Today's Nate Davis, NBC and Peacock emerged as "winners" during the NFL's Wild Card weekend. Although the game itself lacked the anticipated intensity, Davis highlighted that NBC and its streaming service owned the opening day of the 2023 postseason. He speculated about the potential influx of new subscribers to Peacock amid the backdrop of a low-key controversy surrounding the league's decision.

However, not all perspectives were glowing. Mike Florio of NBC Sports expressed concerns that the NFL might jeopardize its broadcast antitrust exemption if it leans too heavily on pay-only platforms for playoff games. This underscores the delicate balance the league must strike as it navigates the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting.

Colin Salao of The Street shared his experience, mentioning the need to shell out an additional $5.99 on top of his YouTube TV subscription. Despite not having significant issues with Peacock, Salao acknowledged that the broadcast felt akin to a typical NBC show, with advertisements during game breaks mirroring those of traditional NBC broadcasts. He did encounter brief buffering instances but noted that they were relatively minor.

Overall, the NFL's exclusive streaming of the playoff game on Peacock has sparked a range of reactions from viewers, highlighting both the potential and challenges of this new broadcasting format.

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