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Stray cat strut: Making TNR legal

TNR program aims to control feral cat population in Sioux Falls. The law needs amending. Can they do it?

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is facing a growing problem of stray cats, and one local organization is working to address it. The Sioux Empire TNR Coalition, which stands for trap, neuter, and return, aims to control the feral cat population in the area. Heather Swanson, who has been rescuing cats for eight years, has turned one of her barns into a cat sanctuary to provide a safe space for cats that are not adoptable. The coalition's goal is to reduce the number of feral cats and manage the population, which is estimated to be around 3,500 stray cats in Sioux Falls. However, the TNR program is currently illegal in the city, and there are concerns about liability and legal issues. The city council is working with the city attorney to address these questions and consider amending the ordinance. The coalition is determined to bring awareness to the issue and advocate for the legal ability to carry out their TNR program. If they are unable to do so in Sioux Falls, they plan to continue their efforts in other towns where it is not illegal. The city council is expected to take up the matter within the next 30 days.

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