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Pawn Stars Rick Harrison son dead 39 fatal overdose

Rick Harrison's son Adam has died from a fatal overdose, leaving the Pawn Stars family in shock as police investigate.

Rick Harrison, star of the hit show Pawn Stars, is grieving the tragic loss of his son, Adam Harrison. Sources have revealed that Adam passed away due to a fatal overdose. The Harrison family received the devastating news on Friday, and it has been reported that the Las Vegas Metro PD is investigating the case.

Adam was one of Rick's children, alongside his other sons Corey and Jake. While Corey and Jake have been featured on the popular reality show, Adam chose to stay out of the limelight and pursued a career outside of the family business. He previously worked at his father's famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas but ultimately decided that it wasn't the right fit for him. Little is known about Adam's personal or professional life outside of the TV pawn shop, but it has been reported that he may have been working in a local trade, such as plumbing.

The news of Adam's passing has left fans of the show and the Harrison family devastated. Pawn Stars first debuted in 2009 and has become a beloved show, following the employees of the family-owned pawn shop as they interact with customers looking to sell their old antiques. The main stars of the show, including Rick, Corey, Chumlee, and The Old Man, have become household names and have garnered a dedicated fan base over the years.

In addition to his family's personal tragedy, Rick has also faced challenges in his personal life, including multiple divorces. He has been married three times, with his most recent divorce from Deanna finalized in 2020. Rick's first wife, Kim Harrison, whom he married in 1982, suffered a miscarriage before the couple welcomed their first child, Corey, in 1983. Two years later, Adam was born, but the couple separated not long after his birth. Rick then married Tracy, and the couple raised Corey and Adam together. However, they divorced in 2011, and Rick went on to marry Deanna Burditt in 2013.

The tragic loss of Adam Harrison has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the entire Harrison family, and they are currently mourning this devastating loss. As fans of Pawn Stars, we send our deepest condolences to Rick and his family during this difficult time.

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