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Chilwell impresses in 15 minutes to change Neville's mind after Chelsea concern

Gary Neville praises Ben Chilwell's performance for Chelsea, but expresses concern about the left-back's ability to stay fit and injury-free.

Gary Neville was absolutely impressed with Ben Chilwell's performance in Chelsea's recent game, especially after the left-back's involvement in the team's opening goal. Chilwell, who has been dealing with injuries, made his first start since September and showed his worth on the field.

Neville, in particular, has been concerned about Chilwell's ability to stay fit and expressed his worries before the game at Stamford Bridge. He emphasized the importance of reliability and consistency from defenders, especially at a club like Chelsea. Despite these concerns, Chilwell's performance on Tuesday night left Neville singing his praises.

Chilwell's involvement in Chelsea's opening goal was particularly noteworthy, as he won a crucial 50/50 challenge before making a brilliant pass to Raheem Sterling, ultimately leading to a goal. Neville and other pundits were quick to commend Chilwell for his contribution to the team's success.

The game itself was a crucial one for Chelsea, as they needed a win after a disappointing result in the first leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final. Thankfully, Chilwell and the rest of the team delivered, securing a convincing victory at Stamford Bridge.

Despite the positive performance, Neville emphasized the importance of Chilwell staying fit mentally and physically, as injuries have been a recurring issue for the talented left-back. He expressed hope that Chilwell can build trust in his ability to stay healthy and perform at the highest level for both Chelsea and the England national team.

In conclusion, Chilwell's performance on Tuesday night was a testament to his talent and potential, but the challenge remains for him to stay fit and consistently deliver for his team. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Chilwell to see if he can overcome his injury woes and establish himself as a reliable and impactful player for Chelsea.

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