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Enshrouded skill trees explained

"Discover the 12 amazing skill trees in Enshrouded that let you build your character and create your own unique play style."

In Enshrouded, the skills you choose are crucial to your overall experience. With 12 different skill trees to select from, you have the freedom to customize your character to fit your unique play style. Each skill tree is dedicated to specific abilities and stats, allowing you to create a character that excels in physical damage, stamina consumption, or mana consumption. Let's take a closer look at each of the skill trees available in Enshrouded.

Stamina Skill Trees

The Stamina skill trees in Enshrouded include Survivor, Beastmaster, Ranger, and Assassin. The Survivor skill tree focuses on endurance and increases stamina, health, and mana restoration, as well as an additional food slot. This tree is essential for improving your speed and agility, which is crucial for survival in the game.

The Beastmaster skill tree emphasizes poison resistance and the ability to call upon wild animals to aid you in combat. The Ranger skill tree focuses on improving your bow and arrow skills, increasing endurance, dexterity, and critical damage. The Assassin skill tree also focuses on using arrows, with the added benefit of earning mana through critical hits.

Mana Skill Trees

The mana skill trees in Enshrouded include Trickster, Wizard, Healer, and Battlemage. The Trickster skill tree introduces mana-powered abilities such as Begone! and rewards intelligence as you progress. The Wizard skill tree focuses on using staff weapons and offers different types of magic, including electrical, fire, and frost. The Healer skill tree is beneficial for cooperative play, providing abilities such as Blink and Martyr to support allies. The Battlemage skill tree emphasizes wand weapons and magical damage absorption, making it an excellent choice when combined with the Tank skill tree.

Strength Skill Trees

The strength skill trees in Enshrouded include Tank, Warrior, Barbarian, and Athlete. The Tank skill tree focuses on melee combat and physical damage, with abilities such as Nemesis and Heavy Plates. The Warrior skill tree allows you to specialize in different types of melee damage, including blunt, cutting, and piercing. The Barbarian skill tree emphasizes hard-hitting melee weapons and stunning enemies. The Athlete skill tree provides abilities such as Jump Attack and focuses on increasing stamina and health.

Central Skills

The central skills in Enshrouded are not bound to any specific category and include abilities such as Sneak Attack and Merciless Attack. These skills offer additional options for customizing your character and excelling in combat.

Enshrouded is currently available in early access on PC, offering a wide range of skill trees and abilities to create a unique and immersive gaming experience.

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