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Rev Al Sharpton says Tim Scott's behavior around Trump is humiliating

Rev Al Sharpton criticizes Senator Tim Scott for endorsing Donald Trump, calling it humiliating. Trump's only remaining rival is Nikki Haley.

The recent actions of Tim Scott, a Republican senator from South Carolina, in relation to Donald Trump have been described as "humiliating" by civil rights leader Rev Al Sharpton. Sharpton expressed his dismay at Scott's behavior after the senator appeared with Trump in New Hampshire, where the former president won the Republican presidential primary. Despite Trump facing numerous legal challenges and controversies, Scott has publicly supported him, leading to criticism from Sharpton and others.

Sharpton, who is the president of the National Action Network, expressed his disappointment in Scott's actions, stating that he found it "humiliating" to watch the senator pay homage to Trump in such a manner. He emphasized that while Scott has the right to endorse Trump, the manner in which he did so was troubling and embarrassing. Other critics, including former NBA player Etan Thomas and author Jeff Sharlet, also condemned Scott's actions, with Sharlet calling them "self-abasement."

Scott's decision to oppose Nikki Haley, Trump's only remaining rival for the Republican nomination, has also been met with scrutiny. Despite being appointed to the US Senate by Haley, Scott publicly endorsed Trump early in the presidential race. When asked about his opposition to Haley, Scott cited her campaigning against Trump and downplayed the significance of his decision.

There has been speculation that Scott could be Trump's running mate, but the senator has remained noncommittal on the matter. When questioned about the possibility of being vice-president, Scott declined to provide a direct answer. These developments have sparked a debate about Scott's loyalty and political ambitions, with many questioning his allegiance to Trump and the Republican Party.

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