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Donald Trump breaks silence on $83 million E. Jean Carroll verdict: Absolutely Ridiculous

Jury awards E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million from Trump for defamatory statements. Trump calls it "absolutely ridiculous" and plans to appeal.

In a recent decision, the jury has awarded E. Jean Carroll a staggering $83.3 million from Donald Trump for defamatory statements made in 2019. Trump, who was not present in the courtroom at the time of the verdict, took to social media to express his outrage, calling the decision "absolutely ridiculous."

The former President of the United States expressed strong disagreement with the verdict and announced plans to appeal, characterizing the legal process as a "Biden Directed Witch Hunt" against him and the Republican Party. Trump decried the legal system as being out of control and used as a political weapon, claiming that his First Amendment rights had been taken away.

Legal experts have suggested that Trump could potentially face further financial repercussions if he continues to repeat the defamatory statements, as E. Jean Carroll may pursue additional legal action against him.

The defamation trial centered on determining the damages owed to E. Jean Carroll for the injury to her reputation, humiliation, and mental anguish resulting from Trump's public statements. Carroll testified that Trump had assaulted her in the 1990s, and when she wrote about the experience, he denied it ever happened, causing significant harm to her reputation.

During the trial, Carroll recounted how Trump's public statements shattered her reputation, including his call for others to come forward with information about her. The jury ultimately awarded her $11 million for a reputational repair campaign, $7.3 million for emotional harm, and $65 million in punitive damages for Trump's malicious statements.

The verdict was delivered shortly after Trump left the courtroom during closing arguments, following a contentious and emotionally charged trial. The decision represents a significant legal and financial blow to the former President, who has vowed to continue fighting the verdict through the appeals process.

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