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Uttar Pradesh: 5,020 State Workers Chosen for Israel Employment

5,020 workers selected for skilled labour jobs in war-torn Israel from 7,094 candidates in Uttar Pradesh. Gaza conflict causing labour shortage.

In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, a total of 7,094 candidates appeared for skilled labor jobs in war-torn Israel as part of an agreement between the Indian government and the government of Israel. From this pool, 5,020 individuals were selected, highlighting the high demand for skilled workers in Israel due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

The selection process took place over the course of a week at ITI Aliganj, where the applicants' skills were put to the test in the presence of a team from the Israeli government, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Council (NSDC). The selected individuals demonstrated their qualifications to work as masons for plastering work, ceramic tiling, and other skilled labor tasks.

Kunal Silku, the special secretary of labor and director of training and employment in Uttar Pradesh, oversaw the inspection of the skilled workers' tests. He expressed his support for the initiative, stating that the recruitment drive was conducted in response to the Chief Minister's directive, and he wished the selected workers success in their endeavors.

This recruitment drive was made possible through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Indian government and the government of Israel, highlighting the collaborative efforts between the two nations to address Israel's labor shortage.

Raj Kumar Yadav, the principal of ITI Aliganj, shared that the skill test for the workers was conducted by the Israeli team from January 23 to 30, with the promise of a monthly salary of Rs 1.37 lakh for successful candidates. The completion of the skill test was met with praise from the Israeli team, who commended the efforts and expressed the possibility of using ITI Aliganj as an examination center for future recruitment drives.

Overall, the successful selection of over 5,000 skilled workers from Uttar Pradesh for employment in Israel underscores the importance of international collaboration in addressing labor shortages and providing opportunities for skilled individuals in regions affected by conflict.

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