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Wendy Williams documentary trailer: struggles with money, alcohol, mental health

Lifetime released a trailer for a new documentary about Wendy Williams' struggles with alcohol, money, and mental health. Her show ended in 2022.

The trailer for a new Lifetime documentary exploring the trials and tribulations that led to Wendy Williams' departure from the spotlight was released on Friday. "Where Is Wendy Williams?" -- a two-night special airing on Feb. 24 and 25 -- features sit-down interviews with the controversial talk show host and centers on her sudden disappearance from the public eye, as well as her determination to return to it amid struggles with money, alcohol, and mental health. Voiceovers from Williams' loved ones reference the "yes people" that enable her, as well as her ongoing battle with drinking.

Amid footage of Williams struggling to stand and needing breaks on the set of her titular show, a relative notes that "she was put in front of a judge and given a guardian. That was when they took her away from us." "Anybody could look at her and tell this is not just alcohol. There's something more going on," says another concerned family member.

At one point, son Kevin Hunter Jr. expresses concern that Williams' guardian has fallen short in looking after his mother. Last summer, the 23-year-old even accused his mother's team of taking advantage of her financially amid her vulnerable state. "I have no money," Williams says in the doc. "I'm gonna tell you something. If it happens to me, it could happen to you."

After 13 years on the air, Wendy Williams' syndicated talk show ended in 2022, following multiple hiatuses due to her health -- namely issues in connection to Graves' disease as well as her sobriety. Williams in late 2021 addressed the "hot topic" of her health as she told fans she was "making progress, but it's just one of those things that's taking longer than expected." At the time, she said she'd return to her show as soon as she and her doctors agreed she was ready.

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