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Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin Explained: WATCH Now

Tucker Carlson defends right to interview Putin amid liberal backlash. Other reporters have also interviewed Putin in the past.

It is essential for Americans to have access to comprehensive information about the wars in which their country is involved. This is a right that should not be infringed upon, as freedom of speech is a fundamental birthright for all Americans. Despite attempts to suppress this right, it remains an integral part of our society.

In response to the controversy surrounding Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin, it is important to note that other reporters have also conducted interviews with controversial figures in the past. The double standard in judging Carlson's actions compared to those of other journalists is evident, and it raises questions about the fairness of such criticisms.

For instance, reporters such as John Daniszewski, John Mickelthwait, Oliver Stone, Megyn Kelly, and Keir Simmons have all interviewed Putin in the past. Yet, they have not faced the same level of scrutiny and accusations of being traitors. This highlights the need to consider the context and history of such interviews before passing judgment.

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