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Detroit Pistons Cut Killian Hayes After Trade Request

Detroit Pistons releasing 2020 lottery pick Killian Hayes after trade request. Team unable to find a trade partner for him.

The Detroit Pistons have made the decision to release their 2020 lottery pick, Killian Hayes, after he requested to be traded from the struggling team. This news was reported by The Athletic's Shams Charania.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Hayes' representation communicated the 22-year-old guard's desire to be traded to the Piston leadership. However, the team was unable to find a trade partner and ultimately decided to part ways with Hayes.

This decision comes as a surprise, and some may find it amusing, as it is rare for a player drafted as high as Hayes to be released from a team so early in his career. Nevertheless, the Pistons should be commended for their willingness to make tough decisions, even in a challenging season.

Hayes was selected seventh overall by the Pistons in the 2020 draft, a decision that was considered risky given his lack of experience in high school or college basketball. Unfortunately, this gamble did not pay off for Detroit, especially considering the success of other players drafted after Hayes.

For example, the Sacramento Kings drafted Tyrese Halliburton 12th overall, and he has quickly emerged as a top-tier player, earning back-to-back All-Star selections. Similarly, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Tyrese Maxey 21st overall, and he has established himself as one of the league's premier scorers, averaging over 25 points per game in his first All-Star season.

In contrast, Hayes has struggled to make a significant impact on the court, averaging less than seven points per game this year. Even in his best season, he only averaged 10.3 points. This, combined with the emergence of other talented players from the same draft class, has led to the Pistons' decision to part ways with Hayes.

Overall, this move reflects the competitive nature of the NBA and the need for teams to make difficult decisions in the best interest of their organization. It also serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of the draft and the challenges that young players face as they navigate their careers in professional basketball.

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