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Joe Biden Memory Lapses, Gaffe-Riddled Presser: American Greatness

Joe Biden's cognitive state is "diminished," according to the Special Counsel, after an embarrassing report on his handling of classified documents.

President Joe Biden addressed his supporters in Virginia on Thursday night after the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur's report on his handling of classified documents. The report, which spanned 388 pages, was released after a yearlong investigation, and concluded that no criminal charges would be brought against Biden due to his "diminished" cognitive state, which would make it difficult for him to remember anything about the documents.

Biden, reading from a teleprompter, expressed his relief that the special counsel had reached the conclusion that no charges should be brought against him. He emphasized that he had fully cooperated with the probe and had been forthcoming in his interviews with investigators.

However, when questioned by reporters, Biden's demeanor changed. He grew defensive and irate, particularly when asked about his memory lapses and his fitness for office. He responded with an attempt at humor, claiming that his memory was fine and that he had accomplished a great deal during his presidency.

When asked about his handling of classified materials, Biden shifted the blame to his staff, claiming that he had not been aware of their actions. He vehemently denied sharing classified information and lashed out at the Special Counsel for including personal details about his late son Beau in the report.

The press conference and the DOJ findings prompted strong reactions from commentators, with some calling for Biden's impeachment and removal from office. The Federalist's Sean Davis described Biden as a "corrupt, demented, dangerous liar," and insisted that he could not remain in office after the press conference and the report's findings.

Overall, Biden's remarks and his responses to reporters' questions revealed a deep-seated defensiveness and a lack of accountability, which has raised concerns about his fitness to lead the country. His behavior has sparked calls for his impeachment and removal from office, as critics argue that he cannot continue to serve as president.

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